In 1959 Mr. Ioannis Lyrarakis and his parents started a family business of packaging and selling spices in the area of Kypseli. He himself packaged and sold the first LIRA spices to kiosks and small shops in Kypseli and on Patission Avenue. The first equipment was bought in 1965, turning the family business into a manufacturing company whose primary target was and is customer satisfaction. The LIRA Company was a pioneer in the spice business and machine packaging of all its products.

In due course LIRA products gained recognition, since from the very beginning the company’s vision was to promote high quality products with respect for the customer.

The company celebrated the opening of a high-tech 9,000 square meter factory in Pallini in November, 1977. In addition to the selection, the processing and the packaging of spices and herbs in its own factory, LIRA Co expanded its activities to outwork packaging. The factory is now equipped with machinery of the latest technology, allowing the packaging of products in any form or size, thus enhancing our company’s development.

Mr. Ioannis Lyrarakis’ son, Konstantinos Lyrarakis, is now President of the company, and his daughter, Eleftheria Lyraraki is CEO.

The LIRA Co. obtained an ISO 9001 Quality Certification and a HACCP in 2002, a necessary tool for all food industries.



1959 : The LIRA family business, whose objective was the packaging and sale of spices, was founded.

1965 : LIRA becomes a manufacturing plant, and acquires its first spice packaging equipment.

1977 : The inauguration of a 9,000 sq. m. factory and extension of its activities to private label outwork packaging.

2002 : LIRA obtains the ISO 9001 and HACCP Quality Certificates and is up to par with the high market standards.

2006: LIRA Co is the first Greek company to invest in the installation of developed industrial food sterilization equipment. It is a pioneer in the use of original and reliable techniques in the service of food security. Complete, safe spice and herb sterilization.